The Future is Here, the Future is Giant.

The Future is Here, the Future is Giant.

The Giant Project Progress

We have been working along with Paddy Dunning & Brian from The Giant Company to build a model of the cutting edge The Giant Project. This exciting concept will be the World’s Tallest Moving Statue, with interactive screens which instantly transform into any image. These futuristic landmarks will become hubs for tourism & events whilst promoting environmental sustainability.

Our task was to create a model to help showcase the Giant and its surroundings.
The challenge was to show the detail and scale of such a Gigantic project.

The Giant Project Construction
3D Printed Concept Model Final Stages
The Giant Project 3D Model In Progress
Hand Finishing 3D Printed Model

3D Modeling
We prepared the existing files for 3D Printing and 3D Modelled extra items to add to the concept such as people and vehicles.

3D Printing
We used FDM Printing in PLA material, to create the Giant, the surrounding structure and details such as cars people and architectural detail.

Using a combination of wood and acrylic the structure of the base was created ready to decorate and embellish with the visual detail of the concept.

Hand finishing
To finish off the piece, extra details such as grass and landscaped planting is added. Paint finishes and 3D Printed figures and vehicles all help bring the location to life.

The Giant Project
Good morning from THE GIANT!
Come by our booth at 12.30pm today for some big announcements!
Source: Instagram

The result is truly Gigantic and shows off the awesome concept.