SLS 3D Printing

Batch Production, Rapid Prototyping
Batch part production produced with fast turnaround.
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Additive Manufacturing using SLS 3D Printing Technology

How It Works:
Our Formlabs Fuse 1+ SLS printer, uses a high-power laser to sinter small parts of polymer powder into a solid structure from a 3D file.

3D Print Complex Parts
SLS printing is suitable for complex high detailed parts including interior. Un-used powder supports the part  in the chamber during the printing process so there’s no need for support structures.
Parts produced with the SLS 3D printing additive manufacturing process have excellent mechanical characteristics, with strength resembling injection moulded parts.

Contact our team today to find our more information about printing your parts in SLS. We can arrange for a personal consultation, individual quote & samples as required.

Fuse 1 Plus SLS 3D Printer
Fuse 1+ Rapid SLS Printer - Formlabs
3D Printed SLS Boot Prototype

Ideal For:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Production of engineering parts
  • Perfect for manufacturing Clips, Jigs & Fixtures
  • Small batch production
  • Bridge or custom manufacturing
  • Suitable for across different industries


  • Low cost per part
  • High productivity
  • No support structures
  • Excellent mechanical properties resembling moulded parts
  • Strong functional parts which perform under stress
  • High speed production


  • Ductile, strong, flexible material for when durability & performance are key
  • Impact-resistant prototypes, jigs, & fixtures
  • High-performance for functioning prototyping
  • Thin-walled ducts and enclosures
  • Snaps, clips, & hinges
  • Small Batch Production


  • General SLS parts
  • Versatile material
  • High dimensional accuracy & detail
  • Performance prototyping
  • Small batch production
  • Ideal for jigs, fixtures, & tooling