Parts Production

Professional 3D Design & Production Service

Our rapid prototyping service takes your concept from Prototype to Production.
We design, 3D model and produce 3D printed parts to your specification.
We 3D print individual parts and manufacture Low Volume batch production.
We have a 3D Scanning Service for Obsolete Parts which need 3D files.

3D Printed Parts; Engineering, Manufacturing, Prototyping.

(Fused Deposition Modeling)
3D Printed Parts:

Our FDM 3D Print Farm includes over 30 FDM printers including Bambu Lab P1P & Prusa MK4, Plus Several X Large Print Bed FDM Printers.


There are many materials available for FDM prints, including:

TPU – Flexible Material
ABS – 

We have other materials available with various attributes, talk to us about your requirements.

Ideal For:

Ideal for small batch production all the way up to mass production of 1000s of parts in one order, quick turnaround.

PLA: Suitable for Sanding & Painting and other Post Processing Finishes





Ask Us for More Information
& Spec of the Materials

3D Printed Parts:


There are many resins available for SLA prints, including:

Ideal For:

Ideal for small batch production

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& Spec of the Materials

Prototyping Batch Production

(Selective Laser Sintering)
3D Printed Parts:

Our Formlabs Fuse 1+ SLS Printer has the ability to produce high quantities of production ready SLS parts.

  • Fast Turnaround Time 
  • No Support Structures
  • Excess Powder Removed In Post Processing
  • Minimum Waste
  • Maximum Output


Includes: Nylon 11 Powder

Ideal For:
  • High Performance Functional Prototypes
  • Substitute for Injection Molded Plastics
  • Production Ready Nylon Parts
  • Small Batch Production of:
    Jigs, Fixtures, Clips, Snaps, Hinges
  • Prosthetics, Orthotics
  • Thin Walled Prototypes

Ask Us for More Information & Spec of the Materials

SLS 3D Printing Ireland

Advantages of 3D Printing & CAD Design:

  • We 3D Model & design parts in 3D CAD software to your spec where bespoke changes can be made easily
  • Prototype designs can be tested & changed before 3D Printing the full batch
  • Low cost compared to Injection moulding, no tooling costs
  • Low costs for changes to design, no need for new tooling
  • Easy to order re-prints when they are required
  • Fast turnaround: Talk to us and we will work with your schedule
  • Ideal for creating engineering parts in many industries
  • Range of Materials & Machines Available Including: SLA, Polyjet, FDM, CJP.
  • Talk to us about the right material for your project
  • High Level of Accuracy
  • Excellent Quality

Consultation Available With Our Experienced Team, please contact us. 

Examples of Parts 3D Printed