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Bespoke Models

Bespoke Models

Bespoke Modelling Services

Here at 3D Printing Ireland we know the potential 3D Printing has for all of us so we welcome every kind of enquiry. Please feel free to drop us an email with your thoughts and ideas.

With an experienced background in 3D modelling, we know that artists and designers would love nothing better than to see and hold their 3D model in their hands instead, of staring at it on screen forever. Now you can send your 3D model us & we will be happy to give you a quote within 24 hours.

Our finely printed miniatures and statuettes, made for 3D Artists who work in the Film, TV & Games Industry, look amazing.

Models also made for hobbyists who make all kinds of props, from trains and train stations,  to doll’s houses.

We can also convert customer’s 2D sketches in our 3D software and print these out.

Our miniatures come with a fine sandstone finish and can be either white, in full colour or we can use a grey primer after post processing this really accentuates the details and brings them out.

Full Colour 3D Printed Ornate Oriental Mask

3D Printed Jewellery in Gold, Silver or Bronze

Full Colour 3D Printed Leaf

3D Printed Polyjet Motte & Bailey

3D Printed Bronze Watch Bezel

Fierce 3D Printed Protective Metal Ring

3D Metal Prints After Polishing

Metal 3D Printed Jewellery

3d Printed Statue

Ampersand Necklace – 3D Printed Gold Jewellery

3D Printed Cake Topper

Stainless Steel Watch Bezel

Metal 3D Printed Face

Map of Ireland – Multicoloured Plastic 3D Print

Metal 3D Printed Necklace Set

FDM Rainbow Printed Robot

Necklace – 3D Metal Printed Jewellery

Full Colour 3D Printed Model

3D Metal Printed Accessory

3D Printed Dinosaur Miniature Model

3D Printed Dinosaur Full colour Powder Print Miniature Model

3D Printed Dinosaur Model

Daft Punk Helmets – 3D Metal Printing

3D Scanned and Printed Wedding Cake Topper Full Colour Print

Necklace – 3D Metal Printed Jewellery

3D Full Colour Print Miniature Postbox

3D Printed Metal Rings – before post processing

3D printed canvas in sandstone finish

Metal 3D Printed Parts – before post processing

Full Colour 3D Printed Pawpatrol logo badge

3D Printed SLS coin old

3D Printed Tango Black Fashion

Fat Controller 3d printed face

Taj Mahal FDM Plastic 3D Print

3D printed fish under belly full colour powder

Full Colour 3D Printed Powder Helicopter

3D Printed Storm Trooper

3D Printed chessboard

3D Printed Salmon darns prototype

sauna house

3D Printed Pumpkins

3D Printed full colour T-rex final

3D Printed GPO Symbol on fire

3D printed fish side view scanned full colour powder