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The rapidly advancing technology of high resolution 3D scanning has found many applications in the world of engineering. From capturing accurate measurements, detailed quality control analysis, reverse engineering and non contact inspection, the possible applications are endless.

Our Artec Spider 3D scanner is capable of quickly and precisely capturing any industrial object, from a small mechanical part to a complex turbine. With an accuracy of 0.05mm and mesh resolutions down 0.1mm, our team can acquire precise measurements and analytical information faster than traditional methods. As the scanner is portable, we can scan on site or at your premises if required.
The resulting 3D Model can be used directly for 3d printing, visual inspection or accurate measuring.

Please see our 3D scanning page for detailed information.


For use in most industry software, it is necessary to convert the high poly mesh model of a 3D scan into a workable solid object. This is a manual process whereby the scan model data is 3D modelled around to create a clean, solid object . We use deviation analyser software to ensure the accuracy of the new 3D model compared to the scanned mesh.
The manufacture-ready designs can then be exported for you as an IGES, STEP or other surface format.

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Reverse Engineering 3D


The process of accurately extracting information from an object in order to recreate, manipulate or improve the design has become significantly faster and more precise with introduction of 3d scanning. Following on from the workflow above, our designers can make changes or enhancements to the CAD design according to your required specifications.

Alternatively send us on your 2D designs or sketch ideas and we can create a usable 3D CAD file for you.


Our range of professional 3D printers and material options means we offer companies many choices when it comes to producing physical parts. Whether you are looking to for a rapid prototyping solution, or to manufacture functional components, 3D printing is one of the fastest, most economical and precise methods of small-batch production. Depending on the the size, strength, and functionality requirements, we will advise on the processes and materials best suited to for your project.


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3D Printed Mould


Here at 3D Printing Ireland we believe in providing our clients with the whole package. Not only does that include our own range of services, but also incorporating our professional partners to bring you alternative options when 3D printing alone is not enough. These include vacuum forming, mould making, large scale cut polystyrene models and many more. Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop, so you our customer don’t have chase around multiple companies to complete a single project.