On Location: Tibradden Stone, Co.Dublin

On Location: Tibradden Stone, Co.Dublin

3D Scan of Ancient Archaeological Feature

A recent scanning project took us high up into the Dublin Mountains with 360 views of Dublin, surrounding Counties and the Irish sea.

We were asked to 3D scan an ancient stone and its features; our trek took us up to a beautiful spot where the open cairn is situated.
“Tibradden or Teach Bruadain (the house of Bruadain) lies between Cruagh and Kilmashogue mountains.
At the highest point on Tibradden the site has a great archaeological feature, an open cairn and kist burial site, a great place for a breather and to take in the fantastic views.
The site is a registered National Monument and a burial urn taken from it is housed in the National Museum in Dublin.”

3D Scanning On Site:

Using our portable Eva Artec Scanner connected to a laptop we were able to capture several detailed 3D scans of the artefact.

Post Processing:

The post processing of the Scans was then completed in our 3D Design Studio.
IMAGE ( Tibradden_Capture02.jpg)
After the files had been made 3D Print ready, we were then able to 3D print a replica of the stone and it’s carvings.


3D Printing:

We used our large format Builder Extreme 1500 Pro to print a fullsize version of the stone in PLA.
This printer uses FDM technology to build up layers of material producing an exact replica of the 3D file created from the scans.

Hand Finishing:

Support materials were removed and print cleaned up ready for spraying and hand painting to a high quality finish.

The resulting files and 3D print are now being used for further investigation into the history of the ancient stone and its meaning.

Hand Finished Tibradden Stone