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High Resolution PolyJet 3D Printing

For Engineering, Pharmaceutical, and Rapid Prototyping

PolyJet Plastic 3D Printing
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High Resolution 3D Scanning

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For Engineering, Design, Manufacturing,
Healthcare, Science, Historical Preservation
& Film/TV Production

Prototyping & Product Design

We can take your idea and create a functioning prototype

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    Engineering Services
    3D scanning, mesh-to-CAD conversion, reverse engineering, high-res printing.
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    Rapid prototyping & precise manufacturing of medical devices & pharmaceutical parts.
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    We model, render and 3D print your designs so you can hold and test your product.
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    3D Scanning
    High resolution 3D Scanning can be used to create precisely detailed 3D models.
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    Corporate Gifts
    Use your brand identity to create gifts and props for your customers or employees.
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    Using our 3D Scanner we can digitally preserve an object before its destroyed or damaged.
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    We produce beautiful physical 3D models of your architectural designs & CAD files.
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    3D Modelling/Visualisation
    We can take your design ideas and transform them into 3D Models ready to print or render.

Who We Are

3D Printing Ireland is an Irish owned company and the leading provider of 3D printing and 3D scanning services in both Ireland and further afield. We supply a wide range of 3D solutions to almost every sector, from engineering and pharmaceutical firms, to national museums and film production companies.

Our goal is to inspire businesses and individuals to discover and implement cutting edge technology into their workflows. The outcome of these technologies are faster, more economical processes that produce superior results compared to traditional methods. We can look after every stage of your 3D projects, from 3D modelling your ideas and 3D scanning your original parts; to 3D printing and creating realistic visualisations of your final models.

Why Choose Us

Fast turnaround
Personal customer service
23 years 3D experience
From sketch to 3D print
Competitive pricing to suit all budgets
Wide range of materials and colour
The only 3D Stratasys polyjet printing in Ireland